What a Casting Director wants from a Graduate Actor

Here’s a great article from The Stage, in which award winning director, playwright, (and much, much more) Phil Wilmott sets out his wish list. I agree with everything he says, except the part about daily voice and physical training being tedious.

E15 students combine vocal and physical training through Archetypes

In my opinion, if you find your voice and/or physical training tedious, there is either something wrong with the training, or something wrong with your attitude.

Obviously, if you are not enjoying this aspect of your process, you won’t engage with it thoroughly. That means you won’t become the highly skilled creative artist you could be. I’m not saying it should be easy, it should definitely challenge you in every way possible. I AM saying the challenge should be something you look forward to, that you want to commit to.

If your training establishment does not offer this dream situation of daily voice and physical training, create it for yourself. Seek it out elsewhere and incorporate it into your daily life. You won’t be sorry you did.