More Thoughts on Phil Willmot’s article

On further thought, after reading some comments made on Phil Willmot’s article in The Stage, I’d like clarify what I think about his dismissal of any acting training apart from Stanislavski,

I would say that depends on what your understanding of “Stanislavski” training is.   If it includes all of his later work, in which he encouraged a highly physical approach to acting, then any additional techniques such as Laban or Meissner should integrate well with this. These techniques are, after all, exercises designed to help you to develop your sense of physical, Interoceptive and emotional awareness. They are not ‘how to act’ any more than knowing where the knives are kept in the kitchen and being able to manipulate them is knowing how to cook. Thorough Stanislavskian training will give you these skills too, but different people respond in different ways, so I always recommend a mix and match approach where possible.

What is most important is to appreciate that all training exercises need to be incorporated into your very being. At that point, they are already there, you don’t need to DO them in order to ‘act’.