Don’t Shoot Me!

Have you heard about Projection? It’s very popular, for most of my clients it’s the first thing they ask for. “I need help with my Projection”. What they mean is, how do I get to heard at the back of the room?

No 2 in Flloyd’s new mini video series

I know what ‘projection’ means. I was taught it, back in the day. It involves using a great deal of nasal resonance (which is NOT the same as ‘nasal voice’) to get an edgy kind of sound that cuts through glass. Not a pleasant sound, but by golly it carries! I can teach you how to do it, and with a lot of practise you will be able to do it.

But… You don’t need it. You can learn how to use your beautifully supported fully embodied voice to share your stories, your ideas, your knowledge with your audience in such a way that they are drawn in to listen, rather than feel blasted back in their seats.

This is just one of the skills we’ll work on in the pilot online course I’m proposing to set up in a couple of months. If you’d like to take part, fill in this short survey, share your thoughts about how you think such a course could help you to improve your public speaking skills. And don’t forget to subscribe on the Youtube channel, there will be more… (Click on the link in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page).