The Warm up APP

Being in Voice, the Warmup app (iPhone & iPad) is a fast, easy to follow and fun-to-do program of graded warmups, suitable for both speakers and singers, children and adults.

“Excellent for actors, singers or speakers! ★★★★★ Clear, concise app for those wishing to warm up and improve his or her voice for speaking or singing. The exercises are easy to follow, gentle and safe. The articulation exercises are especially helpful.

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Very useful! ★★★★★ by Keekerstreet – Version 1.03 – Jul 25, 2013 This app is excellent and easy to use. I work in voice over nearly every day, and this app offers quick easy warm ups I can do in the car in the way to work. Or more in depth warm ups I can do when I have a little more time. Fantastic!

What’s in the App?

The Preparation section includes information about your body and your breathing, and how voice and speech works. You will understand how the warmups help you to sound as good as you feel, so that you can express yourself with ease.

“An excellent guide ★★★★★
Flloyd Kennedy has a vast knowledge of the voice as a vital instrument and takes you through relaxation, alignment, breath, resonance and articulation guiding you through the excellent warm ups.


Three Warmups

There are three warmups: The Mini Vocal Warmup, a quick, easy to learn sequence to warm up the voice box and the vocal folds safely, so that you can do more extended training, speaking and singing. It will take your voice from that croaky, early morning sound to a fully rounded mid-morning sound in seconds, and it’s great for tuning up prior to rehearsals for both actors and singers, giving a presentation, a pitch or a lecture. It is suitable for all ages. 

The General Vocal Warmup extends the exercises into a short training regime that will help you to grow your voice, extending range and colour, clarity and focus.

The Humming Warmup is a wonderfully relaxing, yet energising way to warm up your whole body as you warm up your voice, bringing you to a fully focussed, active state, ready for anything.

“Great app for vocal warm ups!!! ★★★★★ I love this app! It’s instruction is clear, concise, and the warm ups are perfect for maintaining vocal health. I would recommend this app to anyone!”

Courtney Young, Voice and Text Coach at Houston Shakespeare Festival (USA)

“Great ★★★★★ This is a really well thought-out app, it’s got me thinking about how I use my voice and how it comes across in public speaking.”

by rvja UK

“Being in voice ★★★★★ I have trained with Flloyd before and she is very passionate about voice, I recommend her app and classes ? I have learnt a great deal from her! “