“Grow Your Voice: An Introduction to Voice and Speech Training” eBook £3.99

Here is a handy eBook with all the information about how your voice works, how speech works, as well as the foundation exercises for posture, breath support and jaw release.

Here are the audio and document files from the iTunes App.

Being in Your Body – first steps to Presence  £0.99

Before you make a sound, warm up your whole body. Use the Stand Easy and Move Easy exercises to get used to balancing your whole body in relation to gravity – with full self awareness –  so that you stand, sit, move, speak and sing with ease.

Being in Your Breath £0.99

Learn how to breathe easily with awareness, recreating the circumstances of your natural, autonomous breathing process so that you can build on it.

Mini Vocal Warmup £0.99

A short program of basic exercises to warm and tone up the voice first thing in the morning, or before you give a presentation, or begin rehearsing for stage or choir.

General Warmup £0.99

A 15 minute warmup based on the Vocal Function program, to keep your voice fit, extend your range and grow your voice gently.

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