Expressive Voice (online training)

Peerless Poets : Smashing Singers : Impeccable Improvisers :
Admirable Actors : Personable Public Speakers : Catastrophising Clowns
: Terrific Teachers : Passionate Preachers

You don’t have to be any of these to take advantage of the wonderfully rich techniques of voice training. Join us for a taster of this unique approach to expressing yourself in public clearly and joyfully.

Cost £75 for 4 x 90 minute sessions payable in advance.

We focus on the basics for supporting the voice, keeping it healthy, and establishing the principles of clear speech and effective presentation skills.

  • how to support and maintain a healthy voice
  • how to develop your vocal pitch and resonance ranges
  • how to be consistently clear — whatever your accent
  • how to engage your audience
  • how to do a ‘cold read’


Flloyd Kennedy, actress/director/writer/voice-acting-accent coach, singer-songwriter, has worked and trained in Australia, UK, USA and Russia with some of the world’s renowned voice and acting teachers. Flloyd has over 40 years’ experience of performing and teaching, including E15 Acting School, RWCMD and Manchester School of Theatre.

Flloyd Kennedy is an experienced voice coach and performer, Associate Artist with Ira Seidenstein’s International School for Acting and Creativity and a Certified Knight-Thompson teacher.

Contact Flloyd for further details

“Flloyd is an excellent teacher and she has encouraged me to have the confidence to find my own voice. She has also taught me to not be too hard on myself during my vocal journey. As someone who was made fun of for my voice when I was growing up, Flloyd has made me realise that there is no such thing as “a bad voice” and for that, I am truly grateful. Being taught by Flloyd is not only educational, but it is also a fun experience!”  Natasha Langridge-Thorpe

How to Acquire An(other) Accent

Practical and rigorous training for actors, voice/speech teachers, public speakers, broadcasters – and anyone interested in the value of clear speech in any accent. This is an introduction to Knight Thompson Speechworks, a skills-based approach to speech and accent training now being used in a number of US professional training programs and college theatre departments, as well as in clinical and ESL settings. 

We explore the physical actions that produce all the sounds of the world’s languages; look at the muscles that engage in the act of articulating speech sounds, and experiment with the process of acquiring accents other than our own ‘home’ accent.

The aim of this workshop is to  

– set up the principles of clear speech
 – discover how these principles apply to acquiring accents (or modifying one’s own accent) 

Next series, dates to be advised.  Please contact me to register your interest, and hold your place.

Cost: £20 per session or £75 for 4 sessions paid in advance.

Limited placed – 6. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

Contact Flloyd to reserve a place.

“This is an exciting, playful and effective introduction to accent training. Flloyd is engaging & enormously enthusiastic. Loads of fun!” – Sarah Gould

“If you want to really learn how to tackle an accent Flloyd Kennedy must be your go to tutor. Flloyd runs weekly online classes with a small number of students In each class. This enables you to interact and learn both with your tutor and other students. Flloyd introduces you to much more than just listen and copy. Don’t miss out!” – Frances Kappelle

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

Quantum Clown

Ultimate actor training: how to use the body, mind and imagination with creative freedom and self discipline, building performance together and ensemble with others. This clown training is grounded in the Seidenstein Method – Quantum Theatre: Slapstick to Shakespeare.

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

Archetypes and the Actor

Mask work without the masks, this is intensive training in practical performance skills, integrating voice, body and text with vocal, physical and emotional truth

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

Dr Shakespeare-Love (or How I learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Bard)

Discover how the language works, how to play with it, and how Shakespeare reveals the action within the text .

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

Vocal Gym – Vocal Fitness for All

How to take care of your voice, build its power, range and flexibility

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

Love to Sing? (hate to be heard?)

Everyone can sing – it’s part of our humanity.

Enquiries: Contact Flloyd 

“Thank God for Flloyd and her classes! Inspiring, fun and challenging. She’s made acting make sense to me. I’ve rediscovered my playful spirit, curiosity and passion for theatre and gained confidence and grounding through the solid vocal and physical training she offers. I would recommend these classes to any actor”


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