Flloyd recently helped me with an accent that I had to pick up at short notice, and she went above and beyond to ensure that I could do the accent and that it was comfortably sitting in my body too. Thanks a million ????

Christopher McDougall – Actor and musician

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Voice Workshop for the Podcraft community

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Flloyd’s method of painstakingly taking beginners through the basics soon helps one realise that accent learning need not be so scary after all.

Tayo Aluko (Actor and Activist

I had several reasons for contacting Flloyd after seeing her website: I wanted to improve my public speaking, soften my foreign accent, gain confidence in my voice. I never thought that just one person could help me address all these at once, and more! It’s been an amazing journey of discovery. I had eight private sessions with Flloyd and every session brought fresh knowledge in a broad range of subjects related to the physiology, vocal techniques, exercises, expression, phonetics, english pronunciation, intonation. And not only is Flloyd a wonderful teacher, she also provides plenty of supporting material to help us continue to practice and explore in our own time. So it is up to me now to practice, practice, practice. And I know that I’ll continue enjoying this new knowledge for many years to come, in the many different ways I happen to be using my voice. It’s been exciting, empowering and fun. Flloyd, thank you so much!

Gwen moncoiffe

Flloyd’s lessons are really interactive, supportive & fun. She’s taught me that to learn any accent, preparation & research are key. I now feel like I have the knowledge, resources & experience to take on all sorts of new characters.

Sarah Gould

It is very good as I need to develop and correct how to speak in public and make it natural as day to day basis. Flloyd is patient and guides me through and also she seeks feedback from me on how I want to learn and materials to be used.

Hathairat Burke

Training with Flloyd gave me the confidence about speaking to a larger audience. Her exercises are very powerful, she is awesome person.

Fatema Zavery

Very great working with her. Have had only a few lessons and already my voice has been improving well. A pity I don’t have as much time as I used to to have lessons but will be going back in future.

Alex Thackray

Flloyd has a great method of training that reminded me a lot taking lessons in Russia -studying basics and than slowly progressing to more complex things through discipline and practice.  After a while (if you practice every day) this starts to show results and a real improvement. I came to Flloyd to generally improve my voice and speaking and range of voice in daily life as well as to have more impact at work and started noticing the difference in how people react which is great and also learned other things which were a revelation.  Flloyd is very subtle in hinting you in the right direction and helping you figuring out things for yourself which makes you realise and understand some things deeper! I have been attending my sessions via zoom and the great thing about it is the sessions are recorded so if you did not get something you can always rewire later and also can observe personal behaviour that needs to be improved. There are some interesting positive side effects with training like improved confidence and techniques to believe in yourself more which i found far more effective than the ones a communication coach/psychoterapist was teaching me. But all training is only effective if there is work put into it every day by yourself. Because Flloyd is guiding a person to work on right elements but like with everything training is not a miracle overnight but work and time put by yourself into it.

Natalya Koval

“Flloyd is an excellent teacher and she has encouraged me to have
the confidence to find my own voice. She has also taught me to not be too hard
on myself during my vocal journey. As someone who was made fun of for my voice when I was growing up, Flloyd has made me realise that there is no such thing as “a bad voice” and for that, I am truly grateful. Being taught by Flloyd is
not only educational, but it is also a fun experience!”

Natasha Langridge-Thorpe

“If you want to really learn how to tackle an accent Flloyd Kennedy must be your go to tutor. Flloyd runs weekly online classes with a small number of students In each class. This enables you to interact and learn both with your tutor and other students. Flloyd introduces you to much more than just listen and copy. I have been introduced to a whole new language and understanding in how to approach  any new accent I want to master. Don’t miss out! – Frances Kappelle

“This is an exciting, playful and effective introduction to accent training. Flloyd is engaging & enormously enthusiastic. Loads of fun!” – Sarah Gould.

“Flloyd’s knowledge and understanding of the voice is extraordinary. Her approach focuses on the uniqueness of each voice, its quality and potential. The relationship between voice and body is developed through an awareness of breath, body alignment, vocal exercises, and an understanding of how the voice works.

“Flloyd’s processes are both challenging and revelatory. Since working with Flloyd I have a greater sense and appreciation of my voice and how it can be developed and used to effect. The unexpected outcomes of working with Flloyd go much deeper – after a few sessions I noticed my breathing seemed easier, I felt more confident when speaking to an audience and, experienced a clarity in my voice I didn’t have before. Flloyd’s one to one sessions and group workshops are real, challenging, effective and fun. One of the best things I ever did. ” 

“I found the workshop amazingly insightful and informative. I discovered new ways in which to use and train my voice. This workshop has not only helped me and my own voice but given me a better understanding of the voice to allow me to give back and correct the technique of my own students! I would 100% recommend it to others.”

“Patient, encouraging and a highly effective teacher with great experience and knowledge. I can’t recommend her enough. After a couple of sessions and the daily ritual of Flloyd’s vocal exercises, I noticed changes. I found I could get through public speaking without freezing and without life and death panic.  Incredibly I have found my voice, or rather found a confidence to be in voice.  All thanks to Flloyd!”

“I appreciated the three sessions I had with you and I am grateful to you for helping to make me more aware of how the voice works.

“It is my explicit pleasure to highly recommend you as a speech trainer and accent therapist. Coming from a German-speaking background and not having a particularly strong voice I realised the necessity to engage someone with the necessary skills for me to overcome these hurdles. I am very glad that it was you who was recommended to me. Since taking lessons with you, others comment on my significant improvements. What I very much like about your style of teaching is your enthusiasm and the rare combination of practical skills and an in-depth theoretical background. I enjoy every single lesson. You also introduced me to the beauty of Shakespeare’s sonnets which I very much appreciate. In conclusion, I fully recommend you to anyone who wants to
improve speaking skills, be it in private or when speaking to a larger audience.”

“Board of Radio 4RPH are to be congratulated in arranging the training. Increased knowledge about the dynamics of where the ‘voice’ comes from. Practical use of skills to undertake basic vocal warm up. Hints on doing a ‘cold read’.”

“Thanks to Flloyd I came to the auditions for NIDA, QUT and VCA feeling confident and well prepared, and was accepted into the 3 year acting course at the VCA school of drama. After 3 years of training with some of Australia’s best acting and voice teachers, I can now fully appreciate Flloyd’s range and depth of experience and skill. I credit her with giving me my foundation of experience and understanding of the actors instrument – the fully engaged, spontaneous, imaginatively embodied voice. I highly recommend Flloyd for any position relevant to the craft of acting.” Cameron Moore, actor, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

“I come from an Indian origin background and someone had told me I need to get the Australian accent if I was looking for a career in broadcast, and an important lesson I took back from Flloyd’s classes is, “There is no right or wrong, it’s different. Your accent is what makes you, you just need to be audible and clear to be understood. I am now an ABC Community Announcer.”

“Flloyd is not only a patient teacher but also kind hearted. I have been doing the vocal exercises on a regular basis, and have noticed the difference in the clarity of my speech.”

“I would like to thank you for your guidance along the way and incredible support. I am very proud to have made it the final rounds and am very happy with my accomplishment as a young aspiring actor. I thank you for all the support. I really appreciate your teaching.”

“(I gained) Increased knowledge about the dynamics of where the ‘voice’ comes from.
Practical use of skills to undertake basic vocal warm up. Hints on doing a ‘cold read'”

“The penny dropped, and I realised that voice work is not a ‘nice to have’, but the foundation on which is built any hope of connecting with an audience”

“It all worked for me and is still working for me as I have been doing my exercises”

“It was just a fantastic experience, I feel I learned heaps and heaps and it has given my actor repertoire/ knowledge and skill base a whole new edge. Thank you!!”

“Learning about how the voice actually works (and now I have to try to apply this when I am in the studio). Your demonstrations of voice properties explained the theory clearly. The distribution of the concise fact sheet after the workshop reinforces the tuition process well.”

“It covered a lot of really useful topics – breathing, voice warmup, physical movement, a bit of improvisation, and the archetypes idea. As a classical singer, I thought that the premise that our voices are tied to our “acting” bodies was great… Flloyd was really enthusiastic, clearly passionate about the work she does with actors and vocalists.”

“I enjoyed it very much and have a much better understanding of how my voice box is made up and how vulnerable it can be when used incorrectly.”

“Your enthusiasm and passion for the area was infectious and inspiring. “

“I was so impressed with the amount of info covered – the biology, theory, research, a huge range of vocal exercises, and then to integrate this so well with performance, authenticity, playfulness and mindfulness on stage.”

“I really enjoyed having the mini warm up refresher notes and the internet video. I found that I had forgotten little things you had said through the week, or had lost the technique by the time I got home, so it was great to have the notes that you emailed and I am really grateful you let me tape our sessions. I used to listen to them in the car and could practice unimpeded by self consciousness. I was very impressed with your manner. You approached me in a way that allowed me to warm up to the task and were very forgiving when I just was a bit slow to see what you meant. You also seemed to gauge my nature very easily and figured out a few of my little foibles that even I had not identified as my hurdles (like my hands moving about too much). I was very surprised at the sound that I could generate after only a few sessions and whilst I am still a naturally quiet talker, I know that I can make more noise if I need to. I also found that I really enjoyed the sessions so much that now I just want to see what more I can do. I will be having more lessons as soon as I get my new timetable for university. I hope you can fit me in.”

“Pleasant, engaging leadership. Participant involvement.”

“Thank God for Flloyd and her classes! Inspiring, fun and challenging. She’s made acting make sense to me. I’ve rediscovered my playful spirit, curiosity and passion for theatre and gained confidence and grounding through the solid vocal and physical training she offers. I would recommend these classes to any actor”

“Before I worked with Flloyd, I didn’t understand that acting was about really being in the moment and being true to the self, I mean sure, I heard people tell me that but I never truly understood. I thought that speaking text was like singing a set melodic phrase with a few forced tears here and there for emotional purposes. Once Flloyd showed me and convinced me that acting could be so much much more, a whole new exciting world opened up for me that I’m going to keep exploring for the rest of my life – in the field of opera. What Flloyd teaches has relevance beyond conventional theatre and acting, it can be applied in so many ways and walks of life”

“I have attended the Being in Voice classes over the past 12 months and have found them invaluable as an actor. The classes helped me to be more aware of my body, voice and breath on a number of the archetype and working with the archetypes, has given me the opportunity to be more flexible as an actor.  It gave me the tools to explore characters, and opened me up to a   more exploratory process.  It gave me the opportunity to open up to more choices.  *Also realising the archetypes are not stereotypes but carry the myriad of emotions from strength to vulnerability.  *These classes gave me the awareness that just when you think you have discovered  the archetype that there is more.  Learning that things are not fixed but how we as actors have to be constantly alive to the moment, one moment to the next, then  the next. *Being in Voice classes help me to keep my “instrument” as a performer, sharp and ready.of different levels.