The Ending is just the Beginning

My thanks to The Living End for the headline above. I adore their latest cd, it keeps me bopping in the car (when I’m not listening to podcasts from the BBC World Service).

So, The Voice Class 2012 Term 1 has concluded.  This was quite a stunningly eclectic class, with students from very different walks of life, and different directions for their vocal needs.  Live theatre, voice overs, seminar presentation and choral singing – our common ground the unique and wonderful voice of each individual.

Preparation are now in hand for Term 2, which begins on April 16th.  As I explained to the students last night, we will return to basic principles, the foundational work for developing and caring for our voices.  Every time I do this, I learn something new about my voice, and my practice as a creative artist. Fab!

We will also take the time to explore our voices in the body of language. Phonemes, vowels, consonants, how they construct themselves into words, how we shape our unique voices into those words, and how to stay true to ourselves as our voices transform our thoughts into those sounds with clarity and free expression.

I can’t wait.  More details on the website, or just fill in the form here to express your interest, and get more information.