Ever-Increasing Circles

Such a lot happening at the moment, and so little time to write about it!

First, I must mention that I’m presently on the Critical Mass blogging team for the Queensland Music Festival. I’ve managed to catch 3 shows so far, with 2 to come next week. Read all about it here. I’m delighted to be back in the swing of reviewing, which means I not only get to see stuff for free, but I get to see stuff I probably wouldn’t choose to go to, even if I could afford it, because it’s just not my taste.  The Randy Newman concert was a case in point, and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity, and the push to go.

Meantime, I’m still recovering from my tumble downstairs a week or so ago, when I cracked my face off the tiled floor and tore a muscle or two in my rib-cage. The latter had the side bonus of forcing me to focus on deep breathing, which meant I was able to continue my current project of singing along with Arthur Samuel Joseph, a rather fine singing teacher I discovered online. Arthur’s philosophy is “love, and let go” and what a powerful teaching tool it is. I bought his cd set as a wee treat for myself, and I’m having a blast working with my new coach.

I keep telling my students that I never cease to be amazed at how my voice keeps on surprising me – even at my great age.  It’s simply true.  Singing along with Arthur, just doing one simple exercise that I’ve been doing for years, but his way, I’ve discovered a whole new sound I did not know I was capable of producing.

Here he is talking the talk, saying all those things I keep saying, but in his own way, clearly and delightfully.

Interview with Arthur Samuel Joseph

Another toy has just come into my life – Google+.  I was going to resist, I’m too easily distracted from the thesis writing by Facebook and Twitter as it is, let alone email. But I’ve been invited to join a Theatre-Makers Circle by a colleague based in Austin Texas. How could I refuse?

See you around…