Anatomy of the Larynx

Something technical, just for a change. My colleagues at VASTA posted a link to this tutorial on Facebook, and it is just the most wonderful resource:  one episode in a collection of clear, detailed tutorials on the anatomy of the larynx.

I know some people find it challenging to deal with the “how it works” part of the voice. I’m not one of them, I just love to know how things work, how the different parts of the body interact and support each other – collaborate, indeed – to give us the actions we call our own.

So please, watch, listen and learn. Follow up with the next tutorial, and the next, but don’t get bogged down in the technical terms, just let them become familiar over time. Slow cooking.

And remember, these are not tutorials in how to do things with your voice, they are explanations of what happens when YOU do things – like speak, sing, hum, sigh, groan, cry, laugh and much much more – with your voice.

Freshly Reviewed

14 September 2015