A Recent Testimonial

It is always a pleasure to work with someone who has decided to commit themselves to exploring their vocal life. In this case, a client who suffered panic attacks at the very thought of public speaking. Having completed his training sessions with me, he has given me permission to publish his very generous testimonial:

“When I first went to Flloyd I was not hopeful. After years of panic attacks during an attempt at public speaking I was at that stage in life where a shrugging acceptance of limitations seemed to be the only way forward. But with an unavoidable public speaking commitment looming like a cliff-edge I had to try something.

“I committed to what Flloyd instructed, but with little expectation, except that I would know I had tried my best.

“Strangely, after a couple of sessions and the daily ritual of Flloyd’s vocal exercises, I noticed changes. Instead of the thin, pleading middle-tone my voice actually had some substance to it. Still I was wary of confidence rearing it’s ugly head.

“As the sessions continued my voice became stronger still. Although the fear of public speaking was still there my brain had other things to consider e.g. Flloyd’s instructions.

“I found I could get through public speaking without freezing and without life and death panic. Incredibly I have found my voice, or rather found a confidence to be in voice. All thanks to Flloyd!

“Patient, encouraging and a highly effective teacher with great experience and knowledge. I can’t recommend her enough.

“Many, many thanks Flloyd.

Gerry Rorke