Vocal Gym is LIVE in Liverpool

Vocal Gym is a personalised voice and/or speech training programme for anyone who uses their voice professionally, or would like to extend and expand their vocal potential, clarity and expressivity. Now available as private or group sessions, in Liverpool, UK (and of course, still available online via Skype)

Grow Your Voice!

How do you grow your voice? By ensuring your vocal health, so that you can safely develop adequate vocal power and range to suit your expressive and communication purpose.

I am now in the process of signing up private and corporate clients here in central Liverpool. Use the contact form to ask me about your vocal ambitions, concerns, and curiosities.


Some Testimonials
“You are an awesome coach! I just gave a kick-ass presentation.” IT consultant
“The penny dropped, I realised that voice work is not a ‘nice to have’, but the foundation on which is built any hope of connecting with an audience” Acting student
“Coming from a German-speaking background and not having a particularly strong voice, since taking lessons with you, others comment on my significant improvements. What I very much like about your style of teaching is your enthusiasm and the rare combination of practical skills and an in-depth theoretical background.” Director, Research Centre

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11 January 2018

A Recent Testimonial

24 May 2018