The Long Term Voice

Whether you are a performer, a teacher, a sales executive or a spruiker you are an elite vocal athlete and your whole self – body-heart-mind – is the vocal instrument. I encourage everyone, at every level, to warm up the voice for a minimum of three minutes a day paying attention to posture, breath and sound. While a few minutes of regular loving attention to your voice keeps the larynx fit and agile, extending those minutes into a session of physically active, mentally focussed training practice builds the necessary muscle tone and creative power to prepare you for a lengthy season of rehearsals, performances or presentations, without undue stress or strain.

Being in Voice Warm Up App is available in the iTunes App Store for AU$4.49.
It contains audio instructions for 3 minute Mini Vocal Warmup, a 15 minute General warmup suitable for regular practice and for preparing for rehearsal, performance or presentation, a bonus 15 minute Humming warmup, as well as a wealth of documented information relating to voice work.Screenshot 2013.05.10 13.36.58

I’m also developing a version for Android machines, it will be a few months before this is available. All the files – audio and documentation, are available here on this website for download, using Paypal as a secure payment system.iOS Simulator Screen shot 19.07.2013 11.07.45 AM


Voice and singing teachers, choral directors – if you would like to try out the app before recommending it to your students, please contact me directly for a promo code.