App on Sale

I’m in a holiday mood today, so I’m putting the Being in Voice warm up app [CLICK HERE] on sale for the rest of the month.PageLines- BiVlogocropped.jpg

US$2.99       AU$3.79         GBP 1.99


The app is still getting great feedback – wherever I travel I run into friends and colleagues who use it, and who recommend it to their students and clients.

If you already have it, and haven’t yet rated it in the App Store, I would love to know what you think.

The Android version is still under development. The brand new app, “Grow Your Voice”, is awaiting a major injection of funds to get it going. However, here is a sneak peek at what the new App’s logo will look like.Grow Your Voice Icon


Moving on Again!

30 July 2014

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31 August 2014