Vocal Gym – the App

Express Yourself With Confidence, Conviction, & Clarity

An App for improving Vocal Fitness

Your voice needs to be healthy, reliable and assertive, whether you are making a pitch, or a presentation, on the phone, or in the classroom, in the boardroom, or at the training session, being interviewed, taking interviews, in court, in front of a camera or on stage. How you sound has more impact upon your listeners than the words you use.

Being in Voice has developed an app to help you to grow your voice, and your vocal power and range.  Voice is created by muscle activity, and you can always improve your muscle tone  to have a larger, more varied and more interesting sound.

Drawing upon principles for training professional actors, this app helps to reveal your vocal potential, so that  you are able to communicate easily, effectively and powerfully in stressful situations, such as presentations, seminars, public speaking or teaching.

Working on your voice is the only way to improve your speech. Working on the words alone will not improve the way you sound.

Train yourself to adjust your body as you speak, be aware of unnecessary and inappropriate tension in the body that may impede your freedom of movement and that certainly reduces the range of tone and colour in your vocal sound.

Build yourself up to a full-bodied, generous vocal sound, first with the Mini Vocal Warmup, then extending it into the Vocal Maintenance program.

As your voice grows, you improve your clarity of speech by training the specific organs of articulation (lips, tongue, teeth, jaw and palates) to be flexible, powerful and agile.

However, a well-balanced voice, or vocal sound is essential in the first place, to have a great range of vocal qualities, colours and tones available to be shaped into speech sounds.

You are the vocal instrument: express yourself with confidence, courage, conviction and clarity.

The app is now available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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