Four Great Vocal Warmups

We all know how important it is to warm up our bodies before we undertake dynamic physical activity. As any athlete will tell you, muscles work better when they have a healthy blood flow, and that’s what the warm-up achieves. Warmed muscles stretch and contract more efficiently, with less danger of strain or tearing.

Our voices are created by muscular activity, and the warming up process is just as important if we want to keep them safe and healthy. But who has time for this? Of course, we understand the importance of warming up before rehearsal, before a performance, before we begin teaching, or preaching… Here in this free eBook are four great warm ups:

Flloyd’s Mini-mini Vocal Warmup – the very minimum you can get away with, 3 minutes maximum, just to wake up your voice in the morning. This warm-up is the equivalent of having a good stretch and a yawn when you get out of bed in the morning, so that you can make it to the bathroom without creaking. 🙂

The Vocal Function exercises – a program devised by a group of Voice Scientists and Speech Pathologists working with professional voice coaches and voice users (singers and actors), designed to keep your voice healthy for life.

The Fifteen Minute Vocal Warm-up – extending the Vocal Function exercises to incorporate all aspects of your vocal range. This is the least you can do to warm up for rehearsal or performance when you are short of time.

The Full Warm-Up – a full-bodied program of stretches and calls to prepare your whole self: physically, intellectually, vocally, imaginatively and emotionally for rehearsal or performance. This warm-up will take you about 30 minutes, and is good for solo and ensemble work.