Thinking Cooling Thoughts

Winter is definitely here, even though anyone from northern Europe might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a mild summer. But it’s cold enough to warrant a hot water bottle for my feet at night, and to get me treading the treadmill to warm them up during the day.

Now that the Voice Class (Term 2) has finished, and my thesis handed down, my thoughts are turning to all the possible projects I can dream up, and there are many of them.  It is vital, therefore, that I keep a cool head!

I’m planning a rather exciting workshop for next month, details will follow soon.  Registered Being in Voice members receive their promised advance notification today, and the page will go live on this site in a day or two.  If you really cannot wait, shoot me an email to express your interest.

There are also plans afoot for the next episode in the trials and tribulations of Dame June Bloom, Fringe Festival projects, and quite a few ideas for writing projects blowing in the wind.

I’d better get on with them!


!Extreme Shakespeare!

10 June 2012