The Art of Editing

Last week, I finally finished editing my thesis document, and emailed it to my supervisors for their approval (or disapproval…)  I’m sure it can still be improved upon, and I will accept their comments and suggestions with good will, but I am very very happy to have arrived at this stage – for the time being. 20121111-214327.jpg

After a busy weekend that included making a professional showreel, attending two performances and running a full day workshop introducing a class of acting students to the joys of voice and speech work, I found myself with that lost feeling that I should BE somewhere… or BE DOING something…  What was that thing I kept putting off till I’d finished with the thesis?  Oh yes, sort out the website.

If you’ve made it this far – and if you’ve been here before – you’ll have noticed that it’s different.  Not better, just different.  I’ve now tried 4 different themes and only settled on the current bland grey outlook because it’s not as terrible as the others were.  I’ve discovered that I’d rather edit a 70,000 word thesis than edit a WordPress Theme any day.

Soon, I’ll be able to twist my head back around to the front again, and feel my way towards creating something more dynamic and inviting.  I am open to suggestions! What colours work for you?  Do you prefer one column, or two?  Is there a snazzy new font that keep you reading right to the bottom of the page?  Let me know in the comments!