Early Morning Voice Warmup

Oxley at 6.30 am

Such a beautiful day, the autumn air here in Oxley on the south side of Brisbane is soft and cool.  The sky is totally blue from every angle, and the birds are taking turns at singing its praises.

So I thought, why not join in?  Here’s a podcast I created to share with you. I am doing my early morning vocal warmup, just to get some blood flowing to the larynx, warming up the vocal folds so that I can give them a bit of a gentle stretch.  It’s a fun way to bring your voice from that scratchy, croaking sound it tends to have first thing in the morning to a more full-bodied sound that you can take into your professional day.


Have a listen. Sigh, hum, brrr and aaahhh along with me (and the birds, planes and trains). Let me know how you find it. Too easy?  There’ll be more sustaining (and demanding) stuff to follow.

Keeping Busy

4 May 2012