A complex week!

This week is just amazing! I have had the experience of working with both new and experienced actors as a teacher, as a student, and as a fellow performer, and also working with some very experienced narrators for the Queensland Narrating Service (QNS).

For your information, QNS is a volunteer service providing recorded readings for people whose vision is impaired. They are always looking for keen readers to assist, so if you are interested, check out their website: http://www.connectqld.org.au.

Here is some feedback I received from one of the participant/narrators after the last workshop I did with them:

“Advantages I have observed so far:

Increased narration speed: by this I mean the time it takes to narrate correctly on to tape; a decrease in the time taken from a high of 3:1 to 1.5 to 1.

(For one hour of recording would take 3 hours to complete, down to 1.5 hours and less!)

Reading is more interesting to listen to; for me too!

Decrease in pronunciation errors; (mainly due to the cold reading technique.)

Increase in fatigue threshold; I can keep at it longer.

As a spin off, at a public reading I did over the weekend I was able to spend more time observing the audience and was able to engage them more successfully.

So what did we do in the workshop that had such a great effect?

The mini-mini-vocal warm up (for vocal health)

Core Mechanics (for posture)

The “hungry giant” work-out

The cold-read technique (some people call it ‘dropping in’,’eye-balling’ and a host of other names)

That’s it!

I’m telling you this just to reassure you that a little effort goes a long way – and a little bit more will take you even further.




3 February 2008

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23 February 2008