The new Acting Class began this morning, and as I was driving in I was struck by the thought that making connections is such a vital, necessary aspect of our lives.

Think about it!  And there you go, making connections. Signals firing across synapses in your brain, connecting up the neurons?  I’m not sure if those are the right terms, but I do know that is how thinking works, by connections occurring.  It is also how learning happens. From the moment we are born – before, actually – new experiences, and new information comes our way and is processed and made compatible with our view of the world by connecting to something we already know, or understand.  It is added in AND absorbed.  Sometimes it disappears completely inside the old information, and something is lost. Potential, perhaps. Possibilities.  New information that does not change us in some way is wasted.

So, the first Acting Class of the year was pretty exciting.  We shared our fears, and our insecurities with a group of strangers.  We tried some new exercises.  Some of them felt like old exercises, and were nearly lost; some of them felt just too weird and were nearly rejected.  Connections were made with old and familiar experiences, and some new thoughts emerged.  Connections were made with different experiences, and sometimes conflicting thoughts made their presence known.

During the course of the 3 hours, we all made our voices heard, and felt. We touched each other with our hands, and with our sounds.  Connections were made. We have much, MUCH to share, and much room to grow.

Thanks to all the students, who created that room.

I am looking forward to next Sunday with much pleasure and excitement!

A complex week!

8 February 2008