It's all decided!

Yes, I’ve finally decided what I want to be when I grow up – nah, only joking.

I have decided, though, that the Acting Class Term 3 will run for 6 (that’s SIX) sessions, beginning on August 23 and finishing on September 27. We will work on a different Archetype each week, that means six Archetypes, with a good 3 hours each week to get them deeply experienced in the body, and deeply sounded in the voice. Boy, will we have Some Fun!

Hope to see you there…  if I can ever get RapidWeaver to publish the revised information. So, here is the deal:

Term 3

Sunday 23 August to Sunday 27 September
9.00 am to 12.30 pm
Metro Arts
109 Edward St, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Cost: AU$315 (6 sessions)
Earlybird AU$280 (if paid by 1 August, 2009)
(Limited Places)
This term the emphasis will be on discovering characters, exploring a wide variety of physical and vocal qualities by working with six different Archetypes over six sessions.
Contact Being in Voice to enquire or to book your place.


allows you to playfully tap into the power of your inner life, learning how to release creative impulses safely, wholeheartedly, joyfully, as you discover a huge range of physical and vocal possibilities, and apply them to any text with specificity. Creating characters then comes naturally as you unlock the key to the treasure chest of your physical and vocal imagination.


is a physical and vocal training discipline that combines body, mind and spirit with voice.

Using exercises derived from mask work, we explore a range of physical and vocal qualities in order to access the Archetypes within us all*. When applied to performance of text, Archetypes offer a means of comprehending with body, heart and mind, and consequently being able to take advantage of the intrinsic instability, or paradox which is at the core of life, which the actor strives to embody in performance and which audiences recognize as ‘truthful’, ‘real’ and ‘spontaneous’.


Archetypes (Arche – original; type – pattern) are unique yet universal ideas of ways of being human, recognizable in myths and folk tales from all cultures throughout the known world and from our dreams. The Archetype is not a particular, living (or even one-time living) human being, but rather a familiar, yet heightened idea of a human being, from which we may categorize each other, our friends and enemies, dream figures and iconographic ideals. Unlike stereotypes, which can be defined as fixed, unvarying forms, embodying oversimplified conceptions of ways of being, Archetypes retain a quality of being somehow ultimately indefinable, while being instantly recognizable. It is this paradox of the Archetype that provides the actor with the ability to ‘be’ the character s/he is playing without ever ‘not being’ him or her true self.

* This work is based on the teachings of John Wright (“The Masks of the Archetypes”) and Frankie Armstrong (“The Voices of the Archetypes”). I have taken it further to incorporate working with text.

Email me at [email protected] to book your place.

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