I'm back, and I'm blogging

Well, the things you forget…

And now, for some tips on how to remember – LINES!

Help comes from unexpected places, and today I found some excellent tips for memorizing lines at a site called Real Age, which is devoted to healthy living. It was suggested that creative activities are good for your health, and offered these 10 Steps to Poetry Memorization.

Check it out, you will find it ties in with all the work we do, from examining and exploring every word at the first reading (“meaning helps to make memories”), to getting on your feet (well ok, it doesn’t ACTUALLY say that, but we know better, eh?) and saying it out loud.

So, now that I have remembered that I have a blog to write, I’ll work at remembering it more frequently.

See you at a workshop some time soon!



Why train?

29 March 2009