Extraordinary Day

What an extraordinary day it was.  Jet-lagged as I was, it was a treat to be taken through the warm-up by the class, to immerse myself in the process.  You worked so well together, confidently and generously.

Then the rehearsal.  I hope you all appreciate just what good work you have been doing while I was away.  We did, as you observed, make terrific progress today, but that was only possible because of all the powerful and detailed work you had done already.

What was so clear to me today was how the way you work together in the warm up translates into the rehearsal process. The focus and commitment to the work and to each other is tangible, and I felt very privileged to be part of it.

Thank you.  I am so looking forward to next week!


Feast your eyes

17 August 2008

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15 October 2008