Vocal Gym

“You are an awesome coach! I just gave a kick-ass presentation. Thanks!” Vocal Gym student

The way you sound is as vital to your presentation skills as the words you use and the way you look. Being in Voice offers personalised voice coaching and speech training to suit your style, your time and your budget. These training programs are available as private or group sessions with Flloyd Kennedy in person, and online by Zoom or Skype. Contact Flloyd for details. What does your voice say about you and how does it affect your life? On the phone, in the classroom, the boardroom, the seminar, the media interview, in court and on stage, how you sound has more impact than the words you choose! Find personal empowerment in your voice – toned up, fluent and free. Vocal training puts you on the road to vocal health as you develop flexibility, colour and power.

YOU are the vocal instrument: express yourself with
Confidence, Courage and Conviction.
“The penny dropped, and I realised that voice work is not a ‘nice to have’, but the foundation on which is built any hope of connecting with an audience”Student
“I come from an Indian origin background and someone had told me I need to get the Australian accent if I was looking for a career in broadcast, and an important lesson I took back from Flloyd’s classes is, “There is no right or wrong, it’s different. Your accent is what makes you, you just need to be audible and clear to be understood. I am now an ABC Community Announcer.”Student