The Nature of Presence

Presence is that wonderful quality we so admire in great performers. It exerts a powerful attraction over us, keeps us attentive and engaged in their company,

Presence is the act of being actively and completely present, mindfully aware of where you are and why you are there, conscious of your surroundings, both real and imagined. That means being present in the body, in the mind, in the heart – and in the voice.

Presence resides in the body, as the first impulse to express yourself necessitates the presence of breath, the activation of the vocal instrument, and access to the conventions of language.

Or maybe not! Perhaps an unregulated, non-conventional, non-linguistic sound is all that is required: a gasp, a groan, a grunt or a giggle.

Whatever the sound you make, when it comes from a relaxed yet alert physicality, informed by a playful creativity and a passionate heart, and with mindful awareness of the situation, there is Presence.

The Sound of Quality

30 June 2010

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28 July 2010