State of Play – a Clown Symposium

Just happened to spot these two wandering up Mount Pleasant as I arrived back home in Liverpool after the Clown Symposium in Ormskirk.

Now that was fun. Two days spent in the company of clowns, clown teachers, clown researchers, sharing ideas, concerns, challenges, and provoking each other to be even more generous with our ideas and our concerns.  All thanks to Barnaby King, senior lecturer at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, and his colleagues Richard Watt of the School of Arts and Media, University of Salford, Brian Desmond from Uni of Chester, as well as The Performer’s Playground and Teatro Pomodoro.

I had the opportunity to run a workshop, “Voice of the Clown – Literally!” and I cannot begin to express what a thrill it was, to have 30-odd clowns sighing and humming, Creatively Twisting their way into their fabulous voices and creating some wonderfully inspiring sounds along the way.

Let’s hope we get to do more of the same before long.

The view from my Ormskirk window.

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