Public Speaking – online training

I’m in the process of setting up a series of online courses, for public speakers – anyone who uses their voice in public to share ideas, information, stories…

If this interests you at all, please take five minutes to fill out this survey, to help guide me as I frame the course, which will be rolled out possibly as soon as September this year.

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Doing voice coaching with Flloyd via Skype was excellent. She was utterly supportive and an absolute wealth of knowledge. She gently took me from learning voice warm up exercises through to tips on improving my delivery. By the time I got to giving my presentation at a conference, I felt confident in my ability to prepare and be engaging as I gave my talk. I think the time I spent preparing with Flloyd was a key part in the warm and enthusiastic response I got from attendees.”
Rachel Schofield
Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Consultant

In the meantime, here is my ongoing series of mini-videos, with tips for caring for your voice, training, and public speaking. Please like (or dislike), comment and subscribe. Let’s have a conversation!