A Breath of Fresh Air

For many years, I have been troubled by the attention given in voice coaching to working on breathing. I know it has to happen, but there is always something about the way it is approached that seems to me to be counter-productive. My early years were spent learning ‘rib-reserve’, whereby we expanded and lifted the rib-cage while lowering the diaphragm, and then attempted to keep the rib-cage up and out as we hummed, or ah-ed, or counted to 500 (ok, I’m exaggerating slightly), or spoke ten lines of Shakespeare on one breath.  The result was the kind of performance that gave acting a bad name during the 20th century, all frozen from the chest down. That system fell into disrepute, …

Catching Up

Variations on warming up exercises, and some thoughts on working with Practical Aesthetics, and with Archetypes