Do Mime Artists have voices?

Boy – do they ever! I’ve just had a wonderful time creating a voice warmup program especially for a mime class – Ira Seidenstein’s Quantum Mime Intensive class – and of course Mime does not have to be silent. The course was interrupted by the Brisbane flood, but Ira found a new venue and the work continues. In the meantime, I have decided, reluctantly and sadly, to cancel this year’s Acting Class. I am heading overseas in March to visit my family, and also to perform in my show The Fall of June Bloom (more details at I’ve been pretty busy the past few days baking scones and cupcakes for the clean-up workers, and making jewellery to sell to …

Being in Voice: The Acting Class is Back!

OK! Now that the excitement of mounting a full scale production for Thunder’s Mouth Theatre is all over, everybody has been paid their share of the profits – and there was a profit, thanks to our steaming fund-raising campaign and my finely-tuned budgeting, the time has come to prepare for the new year, and the good news is: The Being in Voice Acting Class is Back. Bookings are now open, and I suggest you don’t mess about because I have decided that I will only work with six (6) people at a time. So, the first season is 6 classes, 3 hours each, for six participants. This means we can train as an ensemble, create scenes as well as work …

Thunder's Mouth Theatre offers Internship

We’ve resisted the urge so far, preferring to work as a team with everyone contributing each according to his or her abilities, but it seems that the Internship concept is powerful indeed. So if any aspiring theatre-makers out there would like to join our team, even at this late stage, we’d love to have you on board, on the same terms as everybody else – i.e. it’s an independent profit share theatre company operating under MEAA Co-operative contracts. Click here for the application form. Download, fill it in and email it to me ASAP.

Refreshed, regenerated and revived

Just back from a three week trip to Dunedin, NZ, where I got to teach the University of Otago Voice and Movement paper (class), and the Shakespeare Performance paper, run an Archetypes Workshop, and direct one of the three 40 minute productions for the SGCNZ NSSP week. That’s Shakespeare Globe Centre, New Zealand National Shakespeare Schools Production week. What. A. Blast! Here is my team, The Winter’s Tale company, but where is Mote? (He was busy packing to go home when we took the photo). So, here are some snapshots of the Snapshots exercise the groups undertook as one of the other director’s (Damian Bertanees) workshops, presenting images from the story – including Mote. But where were the others? Never …

Flloyd Kennedy has invited you to 'The Fall of June Bloom – or What You Will' on IndieGoGo

Hello from IndieGoGo! Flloyd Kennedy ([email protected]) has invited you to ‘The Fall of June Bloom – or What You Will’: Personal message from Flloyd Kennedy: ” Flloyd here, writing to let you know about ‘The Fall of June Bloom – or What You Will’ Take a moment to check it out on IndieGoGo and share it with your friends. You can fund creative projects and get VIP perks. You can get insider updates and even request the project have an event in your area too. If enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘The Fall of June Bloom – or What You Will’ happen. ” Cheers! The IndieGoGo Team