App Goes Public

I am so happy to announce that the Being in Voice Warmup App is now officially on sale in the App Store, for iPhone and iPad, at the grand price of $0.99.

 This is an excellent vocal warmup app, created by my good friend and colleague, Flloyd Kennedy. I recommend it highly. Amy Stoller – Stoller System, LLC: Dialect Coaching & Design by Amy Stoller; resident dialect designer, occasional dramaturge at Mint Theater Company, New York. 

I’ve received excellent feedback from early downloaders, and made a few changes as a result. You can now click straight through to the Warmups from the Home Page.  There will be more short Warmups added as time goes by. Once you have purchased and downloaded the App, upgrades will automatically be yours for free.

I love this app! Courtney Young, Voice and Text Coach at Houston Shakespeare FestivalDefault

Do let me know how you find it.  I am very keen to have this the most user-friendly, useful warmup app you can find. It’s not meant to be a replacement for on the floor training, it’s an introduction to voice work for beginners, a handy tool for experienced speakers and singers to warmup and tone up the voice on a regular basis, and a simple way to warmup prior to presenting, rehearsing or performing.

Please spread the word. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage your colleagues and your students to try it out. I am confident they will find it useful and fun.

I love your app, but now I want more. thanks. I’ve been doing it myself. I suspect that’s a strong recommendation in itself.  Marya Lowry, Associate Professor of Theater Arts, Brandeis University, resident actor/teacher with Actors’ Shakespeare Project.

ps: If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, but would like to download some of the exercises, you can purchase them separately here.

Warming Up for Winter

24 May 2013